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Trying to keep sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands? We will destroy your had drives free of charge

Certificate of Destruction   $10.00

Advance (make, model & serial number) $5.00 each drive

"Our Certified solution offers organizations the assurance that confidential files will not be exposed, and they will remain compliant with data privacy standards."

Secure Destruction with Certificate


 EnviroGreen Recycling safely and efficiently destroys computer hard drives through a compliant recycling process, eliminating risks of data breaches and helping organizations stay compliant with state and federal disposal laws. 


Looking to upgrade your RAM or hard drive?  Need cleaning or troubleshooting? Want to update Windows or downgrade?  Are unused programs and junk files slowing down yoru computer?  Give us a call!!


Want a refurbished desktop system or laptop?  check out or inventory today!  Or stop by to see what we have in stock.  Want a computer custom-built to your specifications?  We can build it!! 

We have Inkjet and Laser!


Starting at $35.00!!  The holidays are coming! Take advantage of our Prices.

Laptops & towers


  • i3
  • i5
  • i7
  • ChromeBooks
  • Mac's